“For over 20 years, I have dedicated my life to providing a warm and personal experience for my fertility patients. I understand first-hand that the path can be stressful, but I always aim to make the journey gentle and rewarding. I welcome you to come visit us at our Reproductive Health Center. We look forward to meeting you and helping you build a family.”

~ Dr. Shy-Ming Lee, Lead Physician and Partner

Our Doctors

Dr. Monty Li

Director, Attending Physician

Dr. Shy-Ming Lee

Director, Lead Physician of Reproductive Center

Dr. Duki Chen

Head, Department of OB/GYN Chung Shan Hospital


We just completed a commissioned training course “Blastocyst Biopsy & Tubing” for a reproductive center in the Philippines.


Asia Pacific Reproductive Medical Association held at World Trade Conference Center went for a three-day period. This session captured the benefits of the reports and exchanges in the conference, including embryologists such as Rive


Dr. Adrianne Pope from Australia was invited to visit and hold a seminar. She provided many valuable opinions on the quality control of this laboratory. After her return to Australia, we will keep in touch with her and ask her to con


Ms. Zhu Baoyi, our dear friend, visited our newly-established reproductive center. She was amazed by the current situation and equipment and mentioned that there were many patients with infertility in China and the wait time for trea